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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ongoing process of designing, building and maintaining a website to generate higher search engine rankings. While SEO initiatives typically start as a marketing endeavor, successful SEO requires important technical expertise. Additionally, the proper balance between paid search advertising and search optimization is critical to maximizing search traffic. With years of paid search and SEO experience, Lever Interactive can provide the SEO support that your site needs. Maintaining the highest SEO ethics, Lever Interactive only recommends transparent SEO techniques, designed to provide both the user and the search engines quality and relevant content.

Lever Interactive approaches SEO with a long-view. It can take months, even years, for the full effect of implemented changes to have an impact on indexing and ranking. Additionally, each site typically has a set of unique challenges that must be overcome.

The SEO Process

While each site has unique challenges, Lever Interactive approaches each SEO engagement with time-tested techniques, and a test-measure-refine approach that provides significant and ongoing site improvements. Lever Interactive’s process matches our clients’ goals with SEO and Internet marketing best practices. The following highlights Lever Interactive’s three (3) phase approach to SEO.

Phase 1: Current State Evaluation

SEO Benchmark Report

Before starting any SEO initiative, Lever Interactive runs a series of SEO-related reports. These reports help to determine how the site is currently performing in terms of presence in the engine, link popularity and ranking on specific keywords. Additionally, traffic, revenue and other key performance indicators (KPIs) are evaluated. Using this data as a starting point is critical to measuring the effectiveness of recommendations and site changes, allowing Lever Interactive to compare current site traffic and competitor traffic in order to show the potential to improve the site’s share of search.

Strategic SEO Assessment

In order to provide effective recommendations, a comprehensive SEO analysis will be conducted. This assessment looks at all of the elements of a web site that may have an effect on indexing and ranking. The strategic SEO assessment typically includes:

  • In-depth interviews with key marketing, technical and design teams
  • Keyword/content analysis
  • Internal linking structure analysis
  • External linking review
  • Competitive analysis
  • Graphics/design analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Site architecture review
  • Benchmark Report analysis
  • Current/past SEO initiatives
  • Paid search performance review
The result of this assessment is a clear understanding of the site SEO elements that can be leveraged and the elements that need improvement. In tandem with the Benchmark Report, this analysis uncovers a priority list of SEO issues addressed in our SEO Recommendations.

Phase 2: SEO Recommendations

Based on the strategic SEO assessment, Lever Interactive creates a custom set of prioritized SEO recommendations. The recommendations are designed to provide an overall SEO strategy, as well as specific SEO tactics. This series of SEO tactics addresses each issue uncovered by the strategic SEO assessment and provides step-by-step instructions to resolve such issues. The recommendations typically address architecture (indexibility), content and external factors (ranking). By prioritizing these tactics, Lever Interactive ensures the shortest path to improvements. Recommendations include:

SEO Quick Wins

During the strategic SEO assessment, Lever Interactive often uncovers changes that can have a substantial impact on a site but do not require significant changes to the site, templates or additional resources. Lever Interactive will identify these changes and provide instructions on how to best implement them in order to unlock immediate benefits.

Keyword Targets

Leveraging multiple external data sources, your current internal data and knowledge identified in the benchmark report, Lever Interactive evaluates traffic and competition levels on relevant keywords and makes recommendations on those keywords that should be targeted. Keywords are tracked in order to evaluate SEO success, and leveraged to produce effective content.

On-page Optimization

Using the strategic SEO assessment as a guide, Lever Interactive provides specific recommendations for changes to existing pages. These revisions include page layout, content, linking structure, HTML tags, image optimization, navigation and more. On-page revisions are critical to improving rank on relevant keywords, and Lever Interactive works closely with a site’s content developers to make certain these revisions are properly executed.

Asset/Content Development

For relevant keywords that are not supported by existing content, Lever Interactive will recommend ways to include additional content. Lever Interactive can develop this new content for additional fees.

Technical Revisions

Ineffective search engine indexing and ranking are often caused by technical barriers that prevent search engines from finding and displaying the pages of a site. In most cases, technology teams design sites for performance and functionality, without considering the impact on SEO.?Lever Interactive can often provide legitimate technical recommendations designed to allow search engines to include a site’s content in their indexes and improve overall keyword visibility.

Off-page Optimization

A significant factor in keyword ranking involves how other sites connect with a site’s content. Quality inbound links are essential to ranking on targeted keywords. Lever Interactive provides directory submission recommendations, as well as identifies target sites for link building. Lever Interactive can manage and execute a link building campaign; handling all directory submissions, as well as developing and executing a contact strategy for link building.

Phase 3: Ongoing SEO Management

SEO is not simply a set of one-time fixes, but a continual effort to achieve better indexing and ranking. Lever Interactive’s ongoing services include:

Reanalysis of Market and Competitive Opportunities

Lever Interactive will perform a six month check-in on content and keyword opportunities and competitor changes in order to continue uncovering new opportunities and help you be at the top of the industry.

Content Recommendations

Lever Interactive will recommend areas of content that should be developed in order to maximize SEO. Additionally, Lever Interactive can draft content on your behalf.

Ongoing SEO Advocacy

Lever Interactive continues to advocate for SEO as part of your online marketing initiatives, including addressing industry and algorithm changes.

Ad Hoc Recommendations

Lever Interactive makes continuous SEO recommendations as the results of initial efforts begin to take hold. These results-driven tactics capitalize on the gains made by previous changes or surface new SEO ideas for testing and measurement.


Lever Interactive closely monitors the impact of implemented SEO changes. By combining the data from SEO-specific reporting tools (indexing and ranking data) with online analytics data, Lever Interactive provides a comprehensive monthly SEO report. This report is designed to identify gains/losses in rank, traffic and revenue impact and other benchmark comparisons. Included with the report is an executive summary of results, as well as a list of recommendations designed to capitalize on any gains and reverse any negative trends.

LinkAcquisition and Profile Management (Link Building)

Lever Interactive takes a three-phased approach to link building:

1. Self-Analysis and Competitive Comparison

The link acquisition and profile management process begins with an assessment of the current link profile in order to determine if the profile contains any links that do not follow Google’s guidelines. If any non-compliant links are discovered, the Lever Interactive team takes immediate action on those links via direct ask removal or using Google’s disavow feature. Metrics such as top anchor text, top linked pages and types of sites linking are analyzed and compared to the competitive set in order to determine current and potential linking opportunities.

2. Manual Outreach

Lever Interactive’s manual outreach efforts consist of three non-invasive tactics (no direct ask) that promote site content and establish relationships with webmasters and bloggers. Unlinked mentions, competitive matching and exclusive link gains are the three core tactics utilized in order to acquire links, since directly asking for links or anchor text is both ineffective and non-compliant.

3. Asset Creation and Promotion

Asset creation and promotion leverages a variety of teams – both at Lever Interactive and on the client side – to create content, graphics, multi-media, etc. that are designed to acquire links naturally. Distribution and promotion of the assets are designed to acquire links and social shares from a mass audience, and often we rely on client side marketing, PR, and social teams to achieve this vision.

SEO Training

As an optional engagement, Lever Interactive can provide training programs for marketing, copywriting and technology teams. Lever Interactive also offers executive level training to provide high-level insight and impact analysis for top decision makers.

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